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Ammyy Admin - is a free remote desktop sharing and PC remote control software that can be used for remote administration, remote office arrangement, remote support or distant education purposes. Ammyy Admin lets get quick remote PC access via Internet without problems with firewalls or NAT and work with remote PC as if you're sitting right in front of it.
Ammyy Admin uses advanced encryption algorithm system. It provides high class data security.

Ammyy Admin is a reliable, trustworthy and affordable software for remote assistance, administration, remote desktop sharing and distant education from any place on the globe. It doesn't require installation or specific settings adjustments. The remote desktop is available for work within few seconds after Ammyy Admin has been started.

The key advantages of Ammyy Admin are: ease of use, high standard of data transfer security, vast number of features and affordability for broad range of private and corporate users.

Ammyy Admin is transparent for Firewalls so you don't have to make additional adjustments on Firewall or VPN connection settings, exposing local PCs or remote computer network to a risk of security bug. You can easily access remote desktops of computers behind gateways NAT without port mapping. Ammyy Admin has a very user-friendly interface. It's simple for use and can be managed by both professional and inexperienced PC users.

You can also use Ammyy Admin for remote PC and server control without human presence at the client side. Ammyy Admin makes it easy to control remote desktop of unattended computers, restart them, log-in/ out, change users etc. using included Ammyy Admin Service for remote desktop sharing.

All communications with remote desktop including display images, cursor, keyboard, files transferred between local and remote computers are encrypted with high standard security algorithm AES and RSA which use different keys for each session.

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    Chetan V 18 days ago

    Thanks for good service.

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    rahul sinha 2 months ago

    For rail licence.

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    Guest 2 years ago

    I have had help with an Ammyy person before and received great help. For whatever reason, he is no longer working there and I was given another person to help me. What he did helped for a while. But it is no longer working. The first person that I worked with, put an information file on my desk page so that I could have his name and phone number whenever I needed it. Now when I click on the "AA-v3" on my desk top, or on the file left there, I get nothing. I have no way to call for help. My computer is telling me that I need to enable my cookies. I have no idea how to do that or what made it change. I also am blocked from my facebook page by a pop up that tells me that "I" blocked it because I thought it was a threat. I did not do that. HELP!! How can I get in touch with the person that is suppose to be helping me with things like this.
    Barb Henry

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