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Ammyy Admin is a portable remote desktop application for Windows PCs. The program has a simple interface and provides a random client ID that can be used to connect to your computer. Similarly, you can connect to others using their client IDs. The program uses the AES256 encryption.

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    Guest Last year

    I have had help with an Ammyy person before and received great help. For whatever reason, he is no longer working there and I was given another person to help me. What he did helped for a while. But it is no longer working. The first person that I worked with, put an information file on my desk page so that I could have his name and phone number whenever I needed it. Now when I click on the "AA-v3" on my desk top, or on the file left there, I get nothing. I have no way to call for help. My computer is telling me that I need to enable my cookies. I have no idea how to do that or what made it change. I also am blocked from my facebook page by a pop up that tells me that "I" blocked it because I thought it was a threat. I did not do that. HELP!! How can I get in touch with the person that is suppose to be helping me with things like this.
    Barb Henry